Sammael, Master of the Ravenwing ............... 265 PointsEdit

Master Sammael 6 5 4 4 3 5 3 10



  • 1 (Unique)

Unit Type:

  • Jetbike


  • Power armor
  • The Raven Sword
  • Iron Halo
  • Frag and krak grenades
  • Jetbike, with plasma cannon and twin-linked storm bolter

Special Rules:

  • And They Shall Know No Fear
  • Combat Tactics
  • Independent Character
  • Eternal Warrior
  • The Ravenwing
  • Master of the Ravenwing

Chapter Tactics: If you include Sammael then all the units in your army exchange the Combat Tactics special rule for the Stubborn universal special rule. In addition, all Independent Characters in your army gain Unforgiven special rule. If more than one character in your army has the Chapter Tactics special rule, you must choose which version will apply.

The Raven Sword: This is a master-crafted relic blade.

The Ravenwing: If your army includes Sammael, your Ravenwing Attack Squadrons are scoring units and may be taken as a Troop choice as well an an Fast Attack choice.

Master of the Ravenwing: If your army inclde Sammael, you may include one Ravenwing Command Squad. This unit doesn't not count against your HQ allowance.

The Ravenwing Command Squad is a Ravenwing Attack Squardron that maybe upgraded as follows:

one space marine may carry the Ravenwing Banner (counts as chapter banner) for +25 pts
one space marine may be upgraded to an Apothecary equipped with a narthecium for +30 pts

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