Land Raider Absolution ............... 250 pointsEdit

A Land Raider veriant made by the techmarines of the Dark Angels, the Absolution replaces the powerful lascannons sponsons with the devestating plasma lance. Designed during the Black Crusade, it is capable of firing though ranks of choas space marines, and even through one of their cursed land raiders.

Land Raider 4 14 14


Unit Composition:

  • 1 Land Raider

Unit Type:

  • Vehicle (Tank)


  • Twin-linked heavy bolter
  • Two Plasmas Lances
  • Smoke Launchers
  • Searchlight

Transport Capacity:

  • Twelve models

Special Rules:

  • Power of the Machine Spirit
  • Assault Vehicle


  • May take any of the following:
a storm bolter ............... +10 pts
a hunter-killer missile ............... +10 pts
a multi-melta ............... +10 pts
extra armor ............... +15 pts

Plasma Lance: Plasma lances have the following profile:

Range Strength AP Type
24" 7 2 Lance

When firing a plasma lance, draw a straight line from the weapon out to 24". Units under the line are hit a number of times equal to the number of models that unit under the lane. When rolling for wounds, start with the nearest unit to the plasma lance and work towards the 24" mark. If the plasma lance hits and fails to wound a Monstrous Creature or fails to penetrate a vehicle, than the lances trail is stopped and no more units are hit.

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